Former Anti Bullying campaigner Dafydd Jones and founder of is launching a brand new website aimed at getting people to volunteer and encouraging everyone to make a difference.

This website is not about my past experiences or bullying, this website is new and fresh and it’s basically encouraging people to do more - be it in the local community or in a charity organisation.

When I was in college I volunteered on Saturday afternoons at the local The Red Cross Shop – I did this because I thought it would be a great way to meet new people, it would be a great place to gain experience of working with different people of all ages and it also gave me an opportunity to help a charity which helps and supports so many people around the world.

The main features on the website are:

·        Profiles of friends who are currently raising funds for charity or who have done in the past and people who volunteer.

·        Links to Just giving pages with personal profiles on why they are fundraising

·        Volunteer opportunities in different sectors – charities can post stuff for FREE on this site.

·        Links to websites which could also inspire people.

The site will also profile charities that I’m closely linked to and to launch this site I’m organising a very special charity auction, with all proceeds go to Beating Bowel Cancer.

Remember - time is as valuable to some charities is as valuable as money launches on Monday 8th June 2010 will return later this year